Dave Street with Bobby Steele

Monsters R Us is a powerful, gruesome, sarcastic movie where Monsters take their own spin on the Business of Horror.

The movie started out as a seed of an idea (hopefully not a bad seed) when lifetime horror punk rocker Dave Street and actor Joel Weiss reconnected at a Chiller Theatre horror convention in New Jersey. Dave immediately started writing the first draft of the script.

Douglas Dunning is a well traveled actor in the horror genre.

Street’s affinity for scary stuff began with his roots as a horror punk rocker.  He once wrote early insert notes for the horror punk icon band The Misfits and went on to write lyrics with the legendary Bobby Steele for the horror punk band The Undead.  Street also once had a punk theater company, Robot Factory, that was included in VH-1’s Behind The Music series and currently has a cutting edge play, The Problem, in development in New York City.

Weiss has over thirty years of acting experience under his belt and gained early notoriety in his career for his role as Cropsey, a member of the Rogues gang headed by Luther (David Patrick Kelly) in Walter Hill’s now-legendary cult film The Warriors, which was released by Paramount Pictures in February 1979.  He has since gone on to appear in countless movies and more recently on the Showtime series Dexter.

Originally, Street planned on calling the film Horror Business, after The Misfits’s record of the same name, but then found out there already was a movie with that title.  He then considered calling it Monster Bizzness.

About the same time, Weiss brought into the project Douglas Dunning, an actor in a number of horror and monster flicks.

Dave Street and Joel Weiss conjuring up some Monsters at the
Chiller Convention!

An expert on the genre of scary movies who personally has known many horror icons including Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Boris Karloff, Dunning, who is one of the stars of the film in the role of Marley and is also one of the movie’s producers, suggested the current title of Monsters R Us.

As the script has begun to generate interest, more movie actors and actresses have also expressed an interest of being in the movie. The script has even been read by some horror movie legends who have given Dave valuable advice and ideas for tweaking the script.




Graphic Novel

Here are some illustrations from the graphic novel, drawn by David A. Cutting.